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Summer Reading Tips for Kids With Dyslexia

Updated: Jun 5

One of the most effective ways to support your dyslexic child this summer is to incorporate reading practice into your daily routine. Reading aloud to your child can not only help improve their reading skills, but can also strengthen your bond through shared storytelling experiences. Choose books that cater to their interests even if they aren't on your child's reading level. This will ensure enjoyable and engaging reading sessions as well as expose your child to higher level vocabulary and concepts. By making reading a fun and interactive activity, you can create a positive association with books and foster a love for reading in your child.

It is also equally important for your child to engage in independent reading at a level appropriate for them. This will give their brain the practice it needs to strengthen the synapses that have formed throughout the school year. Don't forget to ask for their reading level so you can pick out good fit books together.

Listening to audiobooks is also highly recommended as it is an incredibly beneficial and effective method for enhancing reading skills. By immersing oneself in the world of audiobooks, children have the opportunity to engage with literature in a unique way that stimulates their imagination and comprehension abilities. The auditory experience of listening to a book being narrated can help children improve their listening skills, vocabulary development, and overall understanding of the content. In addition, audiobooks offer a dynamic and engaging way to experience storytelling, with skilled narrators bringing characters to life and creating an immersive narrative experience. This can help children develop a deeper appreciation for literature and storytelling techniques. Overall, the benefits of listening to audiobooks extend well beyond just improving reading skills; they also provide a gateway to new worlds, ideas, and perspectives, making them a valuable tool for personal growth and enrichment.

Along with the tips listed above, patience and encouragement are crucial in helping your dyslexic child build confidence and develop their reading abilities!

Happy summer reading! - Melissa

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